Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writerly Wednesday: WriteOnCon

WriteOnCon is happening now and it's free! There is still one more day to join in the fun at  I've been busy tweaking my query for So You Don't Want to be an Evil Sorceress and commenting on other queries.  I've learned a lot just from the other writers. Tomorrow I will do a real post about going to Lagoon and not seeing any ghosts in Pioneer Village. There will even be pictures or at least one picture.

Here's my query:

Mysty’s parents said her sixteenth birthday would be magical but she didn’t realize they meant literally until she accidentally transforms Eric into a frog. There goes her plans for dating him. Turns out she is an evil sorceress from her dad's side of the family and a banished princess from her mother's side. She’s no longer an appallingly average American girl. She’s an appallingly evil princess without a castle.

The forbidden woods behind her house lead to the Enchanted Forest where her family once ruled. Mysty's family has created a new life in the normal world and let go the magical world they were banished from. But the Enchanted Forest hasn't forgotten her family, or the power Mysty creates when fairy tales replay around her. Mysty's mix of villain and princess magic warps the fairy tales and people keep ending up in the hospital no matter how hard she tries to be good.

The Woodcutter from the Enchanted Forest gives Eric a temporary fix on the frog spell. He tells Mysty that if she can't fix Eric's amphibious problem he'll turn back into a frog forever. Mysty is familiar with fairy tales and knows the frog prince needs a kiss from the princess. Mysty would love to kiss Eric to end the spell but his already green tinged skin turns darker green when he gets close to her. She decides that she’ll have to find someone else to kiss Eric in order to save him. While she's focused on finding a solution to the frog spell and avoiding the big bad wolf, the Woodcutter makes plans for her future that don't involve happily ever after.

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