Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Mania What I read over the weekend

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Yay! I found a book that didn't bore me to tears.  In fact this book was really good. I loved the main character.  She was tiny but strong and brave.  She also wasn't perfect, which makes her the perfect character in a book.  Divergent is a dystopian novel that takes place in a future Chicago.  There are signs of a huge war around.  Roth describes burnt out buildings and crumbling roads.  Society has been split into factions.  There's Amity - the hard workers/farmers, Candor - the honest, Eurdite - intellegence, Dauntless - the brave, and Abnegation - the selfless.  Beatrice is from Abnegation.  She isn't allowed to think of herself, talk at dinner, or even look in a mirror.  She wants out.  I'd want out too.  Roth does a great job of showing how positive aspects can become negative.  I am looking forward to the next book.

****Spoiler Alert**** Things that I think we'll see in the next book
I'll try to keep out details on the next part but I'd recommend not reading until after you've read the book.
1- The dried up rivers.  Roth touched on food issues.  I'm guessing their will be more on the war that brought them to this point and what their future will look like.
2- The lock on the city gate
3- Kissing (duh)
4-Caleb.  We saw some of him in the first book, but not a lot.  I think he'll play a larger role in the next book.
5- The Dauntless buddies.  Christina - and the death of Will will be adressed. Uriah and Zeke.  I'm hoping that Edward will return with an eyepatch and beat the crap out of Peter.
6-The bad guys. Peter, Marcus, Eric, Janean, many villains.
7-We'll see how the other factions have turned positive into negative.  They were headed to Amity - which make me think of Jaws.  Just what is hiding in those fields of tomatoes?

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