Tuesday, August 2, 2011

book slump

Lately I've been in a book slump. I can't find a book I'm excited about. Have I read so many books that they all sound the same? I tried to start a book the other day. The beginning was all telling. There wasn't any action. Ugh. And this is a writer I've enjoyed in the past. I picked up another book. Kid being chased by a bully. Ugh again. I've read that so many times. When we went to the library I told the kids it was their turn to pick out a book for me since I've picked out so many for them. Daughter grabbed the thickest book she could find. I told her to go thinner. I don't have that kind of time. Oldest Son found a book that looked interesting but was a companion book to a book that wasn't at the library. Youngest Son found a book I'd already read. Finally Daughter came up with one that looked feasable. I read about half of it on Sunday. I realized on Monday I'd forgotten I was reading a book. This isn't like me. I usually devour books. The good news is that there are some books on hold for me at the library and Emma Clayton's new book The Whisper is coming out. I've been waiting for a long time for The Whisper. Maybe that's what I need to get over this slump.

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