Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Thought Thursday: Adventures in Kiddyland.

On Tuesday we went to Lagoon, an amusement park in Farmington Utah (Close to Salt Lake).  My kids aren't what you'd call thrill seekers.  Actually, it's safe to say they are thrill avoiders.  So when we arrived at the park we decided to go for a mild ride.  The Music Express.  That's me with my two youngest before the ride.  See the smiles?  Those didn't last long. (Okay so in this picture they weren't smiling, but I have one on the other computer where they look happy.  Promise.)
We were doing great until the ride picked up speed and the centrifugal forces squished us toward the outside.  That is where my daughter started to scream, "I'm gonna die," over and over again. 

Our next stop was The Screamer.  This was my favorite when I was young. The two oldest figured out that it went upside down and refused to get on.  The youngest followed his father faithfully on to the ride.  It wasn't his favorite.

The next ride was my husbands favorite when he was young.  The Wild Mouse. My daughter screamed, "I don't like this ride I'm never going on it again," until the ride stopped.  I agreed with her on that one.  I didn't like it either.  When we got off the Wild Mouse, she asked if it was time to go home.  So we went to Kiddyland.

There were rides that the kids enjoyed - none that went upside down.  In the evening we ventured over to Pioneer Village to ride the Log Plume and get ice cream.  My husband took the youngest to the bathroom to clean the blue ice cream off his face, shirt, hands, and shorts.  I took the other two to some of the little museums while we waited.  We went inside one little house and my daughter wanted to see what was upstairs.  My oldest son volunteered to watch for his dad outside. 

The air upstairs was really thick and hot.  It was a tiny room with old dresses and dolls and was blocked off by a large pane of glass.  The creepy factor of the room reminded me that there were rumors that Pioneer Village was haunted.  So I shared that info with my daughter.  (This is the girl who reads ghost books in bed and describes herself as Halloweenish.)  She froze and said.  "Let's get out of here."

We went downstairs and my oldest son went upstairs while we waited for my husband and youngest son.  My oldest son was not impressed with what was upstairs until my daughter informed him the place was crawling with ghosts.  This is when my husband reappeared. "It is not," he said.

"Mom said it was."

Dirty looks in my direction.

"I said there are rumors that some buildings might be haunted but I don't know which ones," I said.

The next building was a dentist office so I assured my daughter that the ghosts wouldn't go in there.  No one goes to the dentist office unless they have to and ghosts don't have teeth.  She still wouldn't go in.  So we went back to Kiddyland.

We had the kids pick their favorite rides so they could ride them again.  I noticed my daughter still looked a bit wide eyed and was chewing on her thumb.  "Why are you chewing on your thumb?"

"I'm afraid of the ghosts."

"There are no ghosts."

"You said Pioneer Village was haunted."

"I said there were rumors.  And Pioneer Village is on the other side of the park.  There aren't any ghosts here."

I think we may never get her near Pioneer Village again.

My husband wanted to ride Wicked so I took the kids to play games while he waited in line.  My daughter won a little stuffed animal that looked like a skeleton.  She gave it a huge hug. I wondered why she would hug a skeleton and give the ghosts a cold shoulder but I decided I'd said enough already.

Just one last thing I have to brag about.  My oldest son did a little golf game and got a hole in one so his little brother could have a prize.  His little brother has dragged that prize everywhere since he got it.

And those were our adventures at Lagoon.  Kiddyland was fun.

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  1. I never figured out why rides that tip a person upside down or drop a person so fast she can't breathe are supposed to be fun. Too bad you scared the kids about Pioneer Village; that's the best part of Lagoon.