Saturday, August 4, 2012

I saw it on Amazon!

I saw the Candy Cane Queen on Amazon!  Check it out here. The release date is Oct 9. This isn't my first published short story, but it is my first work published on its own.  My other short stories were published in anthologies.  This little book is 16 pages and will come with its own envelope.  Yes, envelopes are exciting.

Here's the blurb. Susan Winters has a secret. Every year at Christmastime, she abandons her solitary lifestyle and anonymously spreads the joy and spirit of Christmas as The Candy Cane Queen. But this year, something's about to change. This touching story shares the important message that at Christmastime we need each other more than ever. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy together!

And I have to add the cover again because it's just so cute.