Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy baby blankets

I've made several of these blankets for family and friends but I haven't thought about posting pictures before.  They are really cute and easy to make.  (Easy but time consuming) Part of the fun is using whatever fleece fabric remnants I find at the store and seeing how they go together (or don't). In this case I think it turned out darling. 

There is no sewing involved.  You simply cut out the squares.  Make sure they are all the same size.  Come up with a pattern for the squares. (Like a quilt)  I've made blankets with more than two types of fabric.  Unfortunately I never took pictures.  In this pattern I cut an extra strip of the pink to go around the edge so it would have that extra frilly look. 

Make sure you have really sharp scissors.  I brought my sadly dull scissors with me to work on the blanket at my mother-in-laws house and she suggested I borrow hers.  I used her scissors and informed my husband that scissors can be viewed as an extremely romantic gift. (Valentine's day is around the corner.  I'm hoping....)

Anyway, once you have your squares cut out, line two squares together and cut along tiny strips along one side.  Then tie them together.  They create the cute little bows.  Then line it up with the next square and repeat.  

Once you finish the one side, line it up with a large piece of fleece and tie the two together.  No sewing involved.

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