Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Exciting News!

Last year I entered a Christmas contest with Cedar Fort.  When the results came out I was disappointed that I didn't win. So when I got an email a few days after the big announcement, I calmed my nerves, knowing it was a rejection.  It was from an actual person so I thought it might contain a few words of encouragement but I wasn't exactly excited to open the email.
 But it wasn't a rejection after all.  I had to read the email a couple times before it sunk in.
 They liked my story and want to publish it in pamphlet form this Christmas!
(Pamphlets are fantastic Christmas gifts for people who live far away, and neighbors, and Home Teaching Families, and Visiting Teaching sisters, and people you love, and people you kind of like, and people you should like more, and grandma...) 

I got the contract for The Candy Cane Queen on Friday and sent it in today!