Monday, February 20, 2012

Kids crafts: fun shirts

This is the last week my kids are off track so I will be posting one more craft this week and then get back to my regular doodles.

Last week my kids decorated shirts with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.  Here are the results.

Last time we did this I had the kids put elastic bands around the shirts, cover them with marker, and then we sprayed them with rubbing alcohol.  This time we did something different.  The kids put the shirt over a cup and then put the rubber band over the lip of the cup.  They colored small areas and then I used a dropper to put the rubbing alcohol on them, creating these cute little circles.  It's really cool how the rubbing alcohol spreads the colors.  This first shirt is my daughter's.  She loves pink and purple.

The shirt above and below are my son's shirts.  He likes green, orange, and whatever marker is closest to his hand - as long as it isn't pink.

I helped my son with the second shirt since he lost interest after the first few circles he put in the middle of the shirt.
My daughter's second shirt.  The circles kind of look like CDs.

A close up of the stars

I made little roses on my daughter's sleeve.  I think they're pretty cute.

My daughter modeling one of her shirts.

My son modeling one of his shirts.

I think what I like best about these shirts is how random they are.  My kids love that they made them.  Leave a comment if you want more information for making these shirts.  I think I originally got the idea from a television show but I've seen them on Pinterest so it's pretty easy to find more information on them.  The key is to play around and have fun.  Kids are good at that.

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