Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kids crafts: fleece pillows

This is the last week my kids are off track.  I love having them around but they are so bored being here all day.  I am so ready for them to go back to school!

I got the idea for this last project from a television show I saw at the dentist office.  (Open wider.  Spit.  Open wider. Oooh, pretty pillows!)  Since I was looking for one last off track project I decided to try it.  I even had all the supplies.  I love projects that don't require  a trip to the store.

Start with two pieces of fleece the same size.  I like using two different colors.  You'll see why below.

Put the pieces together and then cut the corners and strips. I don't measure.  That's why I put the two pieces of fabric together.  Cut right side out.  Unlike sewing, you work with the right side facing out.

My precious scissors are really sharp and I didn't want my kids to get cut so I did all the cutting (no really!  that's exactly why I won't let them touch my beautiful scissors.) My daughter and her friend are ten and my son is seven.  The girls might have been able to do the cutting but I'm glad I opted to do the cutting myself based on their tying skills.

Once the fabric is cut, the kids can tie the strips together.  Be sure to remind them to keep the squares together.  It's easy to skip a strip.  My daughter got to the end and had two extra pink strips because she had skipped two purple.  It's a good thing fleece is so forgiving.  You will also want to make sure they double knot them.  My daughter's friend was only single tying.  It came apart rather quickly.  Then I had to retie it. My youngest had a hard time tying so I did most of it.

Stop when you have three sides tied together so you can stuff it.

Stuffing is one step my kids had no problem doing.  Once it's stuffed, tie the remaining side.  And you're done.

My kitty obsessed seven year old with his tiger pillow.

My daughter's pillow is two sided, depending on her mood.  I love the little opposing color fringes. These little pillows are so soft I'm tempted to make one for me, only bigger. They would make great throw pillows for couches or beds.  Of course right now the kids are using them to beat each other.  Whatever.  At least they're soft.

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