Friday, February 10, 2012

Kids crafts: wooden bracelet

I am working on more blog installments that aren't craft related.  I promise.  They can take a lot of time to draw. (I have mentioned that my artistic skills need some improving.) My two younger kids are off track and I told them, and my daughter's friend, that we will do something fun on Fridays if they get their stuff done every day of the week.  (I make my daughter's friend do math along with my kids.  I'm just mean that way.)

I got the original idea for these bracelets here. I changed it so the kids could make their own bracelets.  My 7 year old son wasn't too excited about a bracelet so his is a communicator.  Then the girls decided theirs would be communicators too.  

I followed the instructions for the bracelets in the above blog except we didn't use craft paper.  We used regular paper and the kids used permanent markers to create their own designs.  I traced a flat stick on the paper and they colored them.  Then they cut them out and used mod podge to stick their papers on the bent wooded sticks.  We added another layer of mod podge over the top of the papers and let them dry. They dried cute and shiny.  The kids love them.

I think the best part is that I already had the craft sticks, markers, and paper.  I did have to buy the mod podge but I could have used equal parts Elmers glue and water instead.  I opted for the mod podge so I could be sure they'd be waterproof.

Next week we're doing tie dye shirts with permanent markers.  We've done it before but they've all outgrown their shirts.

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