Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zombie Internet and Query

Our internet died again.  It was dead for 4 days.  It was dead for so long it started to rot.  And believe me.  It stank.  But Century Link has risen from the dead.  I guess that means we have zombie internet.  But since we missed it so much, we don't mind.

That said, I thought I'd post the query I'm working on for my MS. For anyone who has ever written a query, you'll agree that zombies and queries go hand in hand. :) It is still a work in progress so feel free to leave comments.

Mysty’s only wish for her sixteenth birthday is to date high school basketball star Eric Gallante; instead, she turns him into a frogman.  Eric is left with green skin, a need to keep damp, and an amazing slam dunk. It is up to Mysty, who always thought magic was illusion, to find a way to undo her spell, despite having no idea what she did. Eric’s amphibious problem worsens when she is near, so she can’t kiss the spell away.

Mysty learns the Perilous family secret at her birthday celebration: she comes from a long line of villains from the Enchanted Forest.  The forbidden woods behind her house hold a secret entrance where fairy tale creatures can come and go.

The people of the Enchanted Forest have not forgotten the Perilous family.  It’s only a matter of time before they lure Mysty into the woods and her frog spell is exactly what they needed to stir up an angry mob against her. She has to find someone with a pure heart – who Eric hopefully won’t like too much – to break the spell before the mob captures her. Happily ever after is not for evil sorceresses.

SO YOU DON’T WANT TO BE AN EVIL SORCERESS is a 77,000 word YA fantasy where old school fairy tales clash with high school drama.

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