Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banned Books Week

In case you haven't heard, this is banned books week. An entire week dedicated to reading books that other people find offensive. Here are five reasons why books shouldn't be banned.

1 - I'm entitled to my own opinion. I don't find things offensive that other people find offensive. I was surprised to see A Wrinkle In Time on the banned book list because it could undermine religious beliefs. I bought that book for my son when he was ten. Guess what? He still believes in God. It cracks me up when I see Harry Potter on the list for similar reasons. This type of banning is an insult to the intelligence of people everywhere.

2 - The big picture. Huckleberry Finn has been banned because of racial slurs. Huck often referred to Jim as (the "N" word). Well of course he did. That's what they used back then. But anyone who has read the book would know that Jim is also the most honest and intelligent character in the book. It is an anti racial book.

3 - Forbidden fruit. Want to make a kid want to read a book? Tell them they shouldn't read it. Duh.

4 - My job is to teach my kids how to choose, not to choose for them. I hope they make the right choice in the books they choose to read, but ultimately, it's their choice. I only have 18 (or fewer) years in which to teach them. After that, they're on their own. The Giver is a book about a society that makes choices for everyone. Guess what? It was banned. Hmmmm

5- If you're offended, put it down. It's okay to stop reading if you don't like it. I put books down. My kids put books down. We are smart enough to know when we don't want to read about certain topics or if the number of swear words bothers us.

So that's why I don't think books should be banned. 

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  1. I clicked on your link on the Absolute Write forum. I love this blog post. If only everyone felt this way!