Monday, October 24, 2011

How girls outgrow their dolls

This may or may not be based on an actual conversation I overheard my daughter have with a friend. (Unless your child recently insisted you lock her dolls up at night after playing with my daughter.  In that case it is purely fictional and in no way reflects anything my daughter ever said to your daughter.)

You know how kids love to show off their new toys?  Their eyes are shiny and their smile lights up their face.

Now let's say her friend has recently been watching Destination Truth reruns on Hulu.  Specifically the episode where they go to the haunted Doll Island in Mexico.  

 For anyone who hasn't heard of Doll Island, the dolls are spread throughout the island.  They are old.  They are creepy.  They move on their own.  People died there.

Later that night.

Everything is fine until she is in bed and hears a small noise.

It's really dark.

The dolls are freakishly close to her head.  She's pretty sure they are watching her.

The good news is stuffed animals don't cost as much as dolls.  I'm sure you can't return that collectors doll you got her for Christmas.  If not, it retains its value better if it's left in the box and stuffed in a dark place anyway.

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