Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gopher Wars round one

(If you're looking for a tutorial on how to make the vases/candle holders go here)

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.   I love seeing green pop up from the ground.  The voles or gophers (depending on the side of my house) have eaten all my tulip bulbs (Curse them). But they did leave the daffodils.  I think daffodils are poisonous - which is why they're still there.

I am going to plant more poisonous plants this year.  I bought a fox glove plant a few years ago and a gopher ate the roots.  The plant died but I believe the gopher did too. It was a wonderful year for my garden.  Last year I looked for more fox glove but no one carried it - much to my horror.  It was not a wonderful year for my garden.

This is a bad picture since I took it through the window.  (The grass is greener from the other side.) You can see how the gophers have torn up our grass. Stupid gopher. The voles are bad too, but they don't wreck as much havoc on my lawn.  

The cat above is not my cat. It only visits sporadically and is the only reason we have any grass left.  The cat below is my cat. (Yes, those are fangs.  Yes they are always sticking out like that.  No he isn't a vampire kitty.  He's far too lazy. He is also scared of gophers.)

So this year I ordered fox glove seeds online. Stray cats are smart enough to not eat the poisonous plants and my kitty is far too lazy to go out that far in the yard.  I haven't seen any gophers yet but I know they're out there waiting for me to plant some juicy potatoes.  I wonder if my local nursery carries deadly night shade...

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