Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blog Changes

Something exciting is about to happen with this blog! My sister, Lezlie Anderson, is going to join me.  We will post regular content, all about things that makes us happy.  I've posted about crafts, books, food, and created rather random illustrated posts that amuse me. Regular posts have not been a part of this blog, but that will change with Lezlie's help. I interviewed her to help everyone get to know her better.

(Me) Lezlie, what make you happy?

(Lezlie) My kids, my husband, books, crafts, rain storms and chocolate make me happy 

(Me) I'm with you on all those except for rain storms. I only like them when I don't have to go anywhere. You have a Christmas Pamphlet coming out this year.  Tell us about it!

(Lezlie) My Christmas booklet (Snow Angels)  is about a family who is having a hard time being happy! The kids act as if spending time together is torture. So Mom decides it's time for them to think of others rather than themselves. They head out to do some snow shoveling and before long the parents can't get the kids to stop!

(Me)I am pretty excited for your pamphlet to come out. The story is adorable. Tell us three amazing things about yourself

(Lezlie) 1-I have an amazing family! My husband and I have been married for 18 years and we have 3 adorable, yet sometimes onery, kids, 3 cats, a desert tortoise and a fish that seems to have more lives than the cats.
2- I went back to work part time last year in a brand new elementary, I'm the PTA president and I just finished year 6 of planning Girls' camp for my ward. Yikes! 
3- I love trying new crafty things, but they never seem to turn out like they do on Pinterest. Go figure!

(Me) Welcome to the blog, Lezlie!

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