Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to school blues.

Just to be clear, I'm not feeling blue. This is my happy day.  I even wrote a song for the occasion. (Sung to the tune of The Sound of Music's Favorite Things.)

Alarm clocks that beep in the wee morning hours,
Kids that forgot to take their nightly showers,
What do you mean, your backpack is gone?
Why won’t you just put your new pants on?

Cute lacy skirts with no matching shirt,
Leggings that somehow got covered with dirt,
Someone is searching for their new shoes,
They are all dealing with back to school blues!

Eat some breakfast, put your shoes on,
You shouldn’t look so sad.
As soon as you’re all out the front door and gone,
Then I won’t feeeeeel soooooooooo bad!

Okay, I admit that I'll miss having them around all day, but I'm also excited for them to get out and grow. They're pretty good at growing.  They do it the moment I buy new clothes for them.  Happy back to school everyone!

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  1. That was awesome! Thanks for brightening my day!