Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What does Pinterest mean to you?

Since joining Pinterest, I've learned a lot.  Just today I learned you can  open those stupid little plastic packs with a can opener.  I hate those plastic packs.  This is genius. I've also learned who is obsessed with zombies and Disney.  It's fun to see other people's interests, although some people are a little too obsessed with pigs.  Seriously. 

My husband doesn't get Pinterest.  He likes the recipes that involve chocolate.  Not so much the healthy recipes and all the crafty stuff.

My kids are less than enthused by all the new uses I've found for vinegar.  The stuff is amazing - and cheap.  I like cheaply amazing things.
I love all the organization tips.  It doesn't mean I actually follow them.  I just like to think how great it would be if I were ever organized again.  I say again because it did happen once.  Oddly enough, that was before Pinterest.  Check out my mad art skills.  I single handedly removed like ten years from my face.  It bet there's a post for how to do that on Pinterest. 

My son took one look at this picture and said, "We don't have a banana computer and no one draws on the walls."  At least he thought my interpretation of myself was accurate.

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